Thursday, September 30, 2010

commitment," said John Maris, MD

On September 15, Hope on Wheels visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to award them a Hope Grant. The grant will support innovative pediatric brain tumor research using PET-CT to detect how a tumor will respond to treatment.

"It is an amazing thing Hyundai is doing. It is great to have a company who will invest in something as important as this. I have a strong sense that Hyundai is in this for the long haul and we need that type of commitment," said John Maris, MD.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This hospital was among 62 facilities ranked in one or more of the 10 pediatric specialties in the 2010-11 version of Best Children's Hospitals

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a 431-bed children's general facility. The latest data show it has 25,699 admissions and performs 6,944 inpatient and 15,912 outpatient surgeries. Its emergency room has 82,085 visits. Located in Philadelphia, PA, it is accredited by the Joint Commission. It is also a teaching hospital